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Important Volunteer Information 

The Moana Jr. volunteer list has been updated as of February 6,2022 for viewing, please click on the excel sheet below. . Slots have been filled based on your availability. If you volunteered for Friday evening, you were moved to Monday evening.  If you are not able to volunteer for what you have been selected for or the dates assigned, please email and let us know so that we can plan accordingly, at

In addition: If you have volunteered to assist in the "Green Room" or "Costuming", it is necessary for you to complete a CORI form and return to HRMS with a copy of your license ASAP for processing.  If you have not submitted your CORI you will not be able to volunteer in the green room or costuming.

Please print the CORI form and drop off at HRMS for processing ASAP if you have not done so already. 

Thank you to all who have volunteered and those who will be volunteering during production.  We can't do it without you!!!


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