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Kermit & His Friends Say


To: Angela Bolduc:

Thank you (and your poor mom, lol) so much for making the beautiful grams!!!!



To: Sydney Jones:

We love you more than cupcakes! 

Love Auntie, Uncle D, Dylan & Colby


To: Jennifer, Kathy, and all the costumers:

Thank you for being talented AND dedicated!!!! Our kids are going to look amazing:-)



To: Grace Donahue

Grace-have a blast and enjoy each show-you all work so hard and it shows-very proud of you. Love You!

Mom, Shane,Grammie,Ruby, Auntie Jeanine& Meghan


To: Kylie Nash

Can't wait to see our fabulous "Silly Girl" on stage...break a leg!! xoxo

Mom & Dad


To: Kathryn Wood
Break a leg, Kat! We are so excited to see you in the production! We know all the hard work will pay off!!!! xxoo, Kristin, Doug, Owen & Trooper too  

The Eckelkamp Family


To: Sarah Welford

Break-a-leg wishes to the math whiz/ mad scientist/ artist extraordinaire/ musician/ Francophile / lead dancer in the yellow ball gown! 

Mom & Papa


To: Garrett

Have fun!! Can't wait to see the show.

Mom & Dad


To: Jaclyn Chafey 

We are so proud of your hard work and dedication Jaclyn!!! 

Mom & Dad


To: Anthony Moscato

Good Luck, you've been working very hard. We're all so proud of you!!!

Mom & Dad


To: Maddie Montanari

Hey Maddie! Break a leg you silly girl! This is your time to shine!! <3Love you and hope you do great!! :)))))



To: Kylie Russo

We've always loved watching the B & B show at Disney with you and now you get to be part of it! Have fun!

Love, Mom & Dad


To: Maddie Montanari 

Break A Leg Maddie! Or should I say "Silly Girl" Can't wait to see you perform, I know you will do AMAZING!!!!!



To: Jake Giarratana

CONGRATULATIONS to Jake Giarratana, I love to watch you perform, Have Fun!!!! Job well done by all the Cast and Crew of Beauty and the Beast JR.

Love Mom, Dad, Luke & Bailey


To: Trevor Hathaway

Congratulations on your final performance at HRMS. Good luck trying to win Belle's hand Gaston. 

Mom & Dad


To: Mike Mahoney

You will be a marvelous Maurice!! I'm so proud of how hard you have worked and can't wait to see the amazing show!! Have fun!! Love you!



To: Sammie Nolasco

Sammie Bams we are so proud of you! I can not wait to see you in the play with the signing and dancing!
Couldnt be prouder of my spoon!

Mommie, Daddy and Casandra

To: Maddie Montanari

Hi Maddie! We can't wait for the show!! We're so proud of you, silly girl:-)

Mom & Dad


To: Maddie Montanari

The stage is yours Maddie! And I'm your biggest fan! Congratulations!!!

Aunt Nancy


To: Sydney Jones

Break a leg Sydney! We know you will be great! Have a fun time and enjoy every minute.

The Papamichael Family


To: Kathryn Irene

Such a bittersweet "Break a Leg"... Enjoy your last HRTO Production! We are oh so very proud of you and can not wait to see you in Beauty and the Beast! Love you to the moon and back Kat! xoxoxo

Mom & Dad


To: Sarah Gobiel

Good Luck Sarah! Break a leg and have fun!!
You are always a show stopper in our family
Love Mom, Dad Princess & Elvis


To: Ella Brinkley

Good Luck Ella! Can't wait to see the show. 

The Churchills


To: Hannah Kelsey

I'm so proud of you!!

Love, Mom


To: Sydney Jones

Have fun, smile big and break a leg!

Love you, Mom & Dad


To: Carly Goodhue

Have a great time and have fun.

Love Mom and Dad


To: Morgan O'Grady

We are so proud of you!! Break a leg! Luv you bunches Mum, Brett and the boys!


To: Kat

Have fun Kat! 

KP, the best brother ever.


To: Alison Burke

Hey Alli!! Good luck in playing all the songs that I know have been stuck in you head for so long:))

Hope you have fun too!! 



To: Celeste Bucci

Celeste I am so proud of you. I love you so much and can't wait for Friday to see you perform.

Lots of love,Mom


To: Jake Giarratana

Break a leg, Jake, we love you!

Papa and Grandma


To: Emma Stanley

Emma! We are so proud of you. You have worked so hard these last few months. Can't wait to see you up there! Good luck today performing for the school. Can't wait til Friday night! Love you!

Mom, Dad and Aidan 


To: Lauren Cashman

Can't wait to see you light up the stage sweetie!!

Mom & Dad


To: Trevor Hathaway

Love you bro! Break a leg!

Amanda (& Laurel)

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