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Kermit & His Friends Say


HONK JR. "Happy Ads"

Maddie - Keeping honkin’ Maddie! We love you! Mom, Dad, Sam Lil & Wizard


Henrietta - We know you have a warm momma-heart! Break a leg! Love your Aunties, Uncles and cousins!


Sam - Can’t believe its your last HRMS musical. Lots of Luck & Love: Mom Dad & Lily xx


Sam - Best of luck, so proud of you. Love Mama, Dad & Lily xx


Allie - We’re proud of you Allie! Love Mom & Dad


Molly - We are very proud of your musical and theatrical endeavors! Keep it up! Looking forward to hearing our “Blizzard Singer!”


Celeste - We are so proud of you! We all love you so much and can’t wait to see you in this years play. Break a leg! Love Mom, Pete, Nana, Grammy


Jake - We are so proud of our grandson, Jake! Love you - Papa & Grandma


Keegan - Good luck on your performance - Love Mom & Dad


Keegan - Break a leg! Love Collin, Callum & Kyle


Keegan - Best of luck on your performance. Love Grammy & Grandpop


Mike - My superstar Mike! You amaze me. I am so proud and honored to be your mom.


Fares - Congratulations! Dud, you rock!!! your little Bro Maher.


Fares - You are the star of the family. Congrats! So proud of you! Dad, Mom and Nana


Megan - We love you and are so proud of you! Love Mom and Dad


Megan - Break-a-leg! You are awesome as Ida! Love, The Boys


Megan - I’m very proud of you Megan! Love, Grandma


Lauren - We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Bailey, Jeffrey and Gabby


Sarah - Break a Leg and enjoy your moment on state! Words cannot express how proud we are of you! Love Mom & Dad


Becky - We are so proud of you! Love Mom & Dad


Molly - Good luck to our favorite duck! Love Mom & Dad


Molly - You are our shining star. Love  Nanny and Grampy


Molly - You continue to amaze us/so proud of your “hidden” talents! Love U Grammie


Michael - Great job, you are wonderful. Eat your vegetables. Love Mom & Dad


Emily - You are my “Joy of Motherhood!” Good lucky Beaky! Love Mom and Steve


Emily - You are our shining star! Love Nana, Papa, Cousin Caitlin and Aunty Barbara


Hannah - Have fun and sing your heart out! Love Mom, Dad & Ben


Hannah - We’re all here, it’s your night to shine! Love Grammy & Grampy


Madison - We can’t wait to see you perform! Good Luck and have a Blast! Love Mom & Dad


Madison - Best of Luck! You will do just great! Love Cameron


Emily - So proud of you Emmy! We can’t wait to see your performance. We love you, Mom, Dad, Alex and Andrew


Emily - We know you will do GREAT! You have worked hard. Love you and your beautiful spirit. Love YiaYia and Papou


Rylee - We are so proud of you and all your hard work! Congratulations on the big show! Break a leg! Love Mom, Dad, Mae & Jake


Caitlin - Good Luck! We are proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, Molly & Max


Caitlin - Great job! We are proud of you! Love Nana & Papa Gillis


Caitlin - Good job on all your hard work! Love Nana & Papa Brown


Caitlin - Awesome job! Love Grammie


Kylie - Great job! We are so proud of you! Love Mom & Dad


Kylie - Way to go sis! You are awesome! Love Brianna & Brittany


Liana - We are so proud of you! Have Fun! Love Mom & Dad


Paige - So proud of you! Break a leg! Love seeing you on stage, Mom and Kayla


Paige - We are so proud of you! We know you will be fabulous! Have so much fun! Love Auntie & Nate


Max - Proud of all your work on the show. Love Mom, Dad & Jude


Olivia - We are so excited to see all your hard work come together this weekend! You will always be our trixy kitty. Love Mom, Dad & Ryder


Olivia - Sorry we can’t be there to see you but you are in our thoughts. Break a leg!! Love Nonnie,  Pap & Nanny


Elizabeth - We love you! Great job! Love Mom, Dad, Bella & Ben


Ava - “What makes you different makes you Beautiful!” We are so proud of you! Keep smiling, singing and dancing through each day. Love Mom, Dad and the whole family


Ethan - Can’t wait to see you play “Billy” duckling. We are so proud of you! Love Mom & Dad


Kylie - Have a honking good time! So proud of all you do! Love Mom, Dad & Kaitlyn


Mackenzie - So happy that you got involved in this play and have enjoyed being part of the crew. We all love you!


Sydney - Hope you had fun on the crew! We are very proud of you! Nice to see your creative side shine! Love you Mom, Dad & Marlan


Anthony - Congratulations! We are so proud of you - You shine on stage! Love All of Us


Caitlyn - We are very Proud of You! Love Mom & Dad


Charlotte & Amanda- We can’t wait to see you in your first show together! Break a leg! Love Mom & Dad!


Caitlyn - We are very proud of your commitment and hard work. Enjoy your final theatre productions at HRMS. We love you Mom, Dad & Jonathan


Sarah - Good Luck Sarah! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad & Kevin


Sarah - Good Luck my superstar! Love Gram


Julianna- We are all so proud of you! Have fun! You are amazing! Love, Dad


Jade - We are so proud of you. Congratulations! Love Mom & Dad


Ava - We are so proud of you! Congratulations! Love Mom, Dad, Hannah & Clea


Angela - Break a Leg! Love Mom & Dad


Emily - Great Job Emily, So very proud! Love Daddy, Laura & Abby


Lilli - Have so much fun Lilli! We love you - Lilli’s Family

Katie - Congrats, Katie on another fine productions! Love from your Family

Brooke - Happy Honking! Keep ‘em Flying! Love Boo & Sharon


Brooke - Fly high Greylag! We are so proud! Love Mom, Dad & Linz


Samantha - Excited to see your make your stage  debut. Break a leg! Love Mom & Dad


Sarah - We are so proud of you. Keep working hard and be happy. We love you so much! Love Mom & Dad


Julianna- I love you, Julianna! I am so proud of you! Love Mom xx-oo

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